What if I can’t collect a buccal swab sample. Do you accept any other sample types?

    If at all possible, the preferred method of sample collection is to use the buccal swabs provided in our testing kits. If it is impossible for you to collect the samples using the swabs provided in the kit, send us a ticket to explain your situation before ordering a test.

    Please note that any sample that is not collected using the swabs provided in our test kit is considered "Forensics". The cost of forensic testing is $250 for forensic sample isolation in addition to the cost of the DNA test. 

    Forensic samples include but are not limited to blood stains, saliva stains, bodily fluid, hair with roots, samples collected using swabs other than the ones provided in our testing kit, etc. If you are considering using a forensic sample for testing, please send us a ticket first to discuss your situation and attain approval for ordering a forensic test before proceeding.

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