What if the person that I wish to test is deceased?

    If you are interested in a DNA ancestry test and the individual that you wish to test is deceased, the best option is to consider testing a living family member of the deceased. For example if you are requiring a mtDNA test to trace the direct maternal lineage of the deceased individual, you can consider testing the mtDNA of a direct maternal line relative of the deceased. Likewise, if you are requiring a Y-DNA test to trace the direct paternal lineage of the deceased individual, you can consider testing the Y-DNA of a direct paternal line relative of the deceased.

    In the event that there are no living relatives that can be tested, as a last resort, it may be possible to consider forensic testing using a forensic sample from the deceased. Forensic samples include but are not limited to blood stains, saliva stains, bodily fluid, hair with roots, samples collected using swabs other than the ones provided in our testing kit, etc.

    Please note that any sample that is not collected using the swabs provided in our test kit is considered "Forensics". The cost of forensic testing is $250 for forensic sample isolation in addition to the cost of the DNA test.

    Please note that there are no guarantees that a forensic sample has sufficient intact DNA to obtain a result from the test. The full cost of the forensic test, including forensic DNA isolation and the genetic testing applies even if no profile can be obtained. The cost for forensic testing is per sample.

    If you are considering using a forensic sample for testing, please send us a ticket first to discuss your situation and attain approval for ordering a forensic test before proceeding.

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